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Real fires offers a turnkey service which includes on-site assessment, system specification, installation, system support and servicing through a network of dealers.

Radient Heaters

Radiant heaters use infrared radiation to heat objects and people directly and quickly in open areas without having to heat the air first. They can be installed on a wall or on the ceiling, allowing for both small and large areas to be heated. They are ideal for commercial use and can be used in open spaces such as patios, large buildings, and restaurants.

  • Energy saving: They provide instant heat; there is no need to warm the area up as with convection heaters, therefore they cut electricity costs.
  • Natural heating: Radiant heaters offer a natural heat source much like the sun’s rays. The result is a warm, healthy heat that does not dry the air out or leave the room feeling stuffy.


Closed Combustion Fireplaces

Every fireplace requires air to burn, but closed combustion fireplaces have a distinct advantage: you control the amount of air that enters the firebox, which means that you determine both the heat output and the consumption of wood. So you decide when to turn up the heat, or tone it down if the room is sufficiently warm.

  • Energy saving: Advanced combustion fireplaces are 75% more energy efficiency over conventional open fireplaces. These fireplaces can reduce overall energy demand and heating bills in a home. An added benefit of these units is that in case of an electrical power failure, they can still operate as an emergency heat source for the home.
  • Environmentally friendly: The environmental benefits of the new technology are impressive. The use of two combustion zones reduces emissions of incomplete combustion products by 90% compared with a conventional fireplace. The new technology thus enables the environmentally friendly use of a renewable energy source.

Combustion fireplaces have an insulated pyro-glass window to the combustion firebox. The presence of two combustion zones and much higher combustion temperatures allows for a truly beautiful visual effect in the home.









  • Cubic Metre
  • Hard Wood
  • Blue Gum / Black Wattle Mixed
R1200.00 r1


  • 5 in PKT – 30cm Long
  • Burns for an hour
  • Cut into 4 pieces


  • 40kg Bag
  • To start making a fire
 R50.00 r3

Wood Stacker

Wood stacker on order, any size your request

Single Stacker

  • Single load of wood
R3200.00 f2

Double Stacker

  • Double load of wood
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